Please read below some frequently asked and answered questions from our clients and stylists.

Are prices online for all clients?
-Our prices are based on a client with medium (collarbone to mid shoulder) length and average thickness and can vary depending on the length and thickness. Please speak to your stylist if you have questions or concerns regarding the price of your service

Do I need to make an appointment?
-We strongly encourage appointments due to limited availability. Our busiest times of the year for typical services are March through May, August and September, and of course around holidays. We also recommend rescheduling after your services so that you get the time and date that you want. If you can not reschedule at the time of your appointment the best time to contact us to schedule an appointment is about 2-4 weeks prior to the requested date. 

How long will my hair color last?
-Depending on hair growth, frequency of shampooing, product usage, and hobbies, we cannot guarantee the longevity of your hair color. We highly suggest using professional hair care products in order to keep the vibrancy of your color.

Can I bring my children to the salon?
-We welcome children for their scheduled appointments. In order to receive the highest quality of services, we recommend leaving your children at home or with a guardian in the waiting room, if necessary. 

Should I wash my hair before my appointment?
-For all color and styling services, we recommend clean and dry hair. For hair cutting services, we will give you a shampoo and condition before your cut. 

I have sensitive/acne-prone skin, can I get waxed?
- For sensitive skin, we can do a test strip to see if there will be any reaction. If you use any prescribed medication for acne, we don’t recommend getting waxed due to a high risk skin complications. 

Do you donate hair?
- We donate to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. If you prefer to donate to a charity of your choice, we can cut your hair for you and give it to you for packaging. 

Do you do acrylic nails?
-We do not service any nail acrylic/extension, only traditional polish and gel/shellac. 

Payment methods and gratuity
-All major credit cards, checks, and cash are accepted for your services. We will accept a tip added to a credit card payment but we appreciate gratuity given in cash.

What should I do the day before my spray tan?
-Shave/wax all areas you would like to. Exfoliate your skin as well to prevent minor spotting.

What should I do the day of my spray tan?
-Do not use any body lotion, cream, makeup or perfume. Do not shave or wax the day of. Do not put on any deodorant and make sure you wear dark, loose fitting clothing. Transfer of the pigment can happen but will wash off in the wash. This does not mean you should wear all white because it isn’t guaranteed that staining won’t occur. Appropriate clothing to wear during the tanning process is a bathing suit or underwear, whatever is more comfortable for you to wear in front of the technician. 

What should I do after my spray tan?
-Do not wet your skin for at least 8 hours after the tanning session. This includes, showers, baths, swimming, and exercising as sweat will also cause the tan to wash off. After 8 hours you may shower but do not scrub with a washcloth or loofah. Some of the pigment will wash off and that is completely normal. Do not exfoliate for a week after the initial tanning session and moisturize to extend the length of you tan.

I’m getting married, when should I get my hair colored? 
- Hair color looks its best during the first two weeks so we suggest seeing your stylist 7-14 days prior to your wedding date. 

Can I get my wedding services done at my location?
- We offer hair and makeup services for wedding parties both at the salon and your requested location. For off-site services, we do have travel fees as well as a minimum of 3 guests in order for Salon 463 to schedule your services. 

How should my guests pay for off-site services?
-We prefer cash or personal check for both the services as well as the gratuity. 

Do I have to schedule a trial for hair and makeup for my wedding?
-We highly recommend scheduling trials for hair and makeup as a bride. 

Are lashes included in makeup services?
-No we do not include lashes they are an add-on service that we offer. You may also bring your preferred set of falsies for a lesser fee. 

Can I bring photos for reference? 
-You can absolutely bring in some inspiration that you found. It helps our stylists and artists get a better image of what you’re looking for. Of course, we’d like to remind you that photos online are edited and celebrities have a plethora of cosmetic alterations and the end result may not be exactly like the image due to this. 

What is the difference between traditional makeup and airbrush makeup? 
-Airbrush makeup was designed to have a longer lifespan on the skin, resist sweat and humidity, and look natural against any complexion. Airbrush uses air and microscopic beads of makeup to lay on the surface giving you the effect of flawless skin.